June 14, 2013

I must remember to mention the Summer Fest weekend, the store will be open late Thurs. and Friday. Lindsey will be manning to store from 5-9 P.M. the street will be closed down on the Sat. The dates to remember are June 20, June 21, and June 22. My tent will be up and I will have plenty of neat treasures set up outside. Hope the weather is good. I am also headed for 3 days in the states on the upcoming long weekend. I am booked already at the Best Western near the Airport. Lots of places to hunt over there. I hope hoping to be there early Sat. morning to hit the yard sales….. My favourite thing to do. I am thrilled with the response to my contest. Stay tuned for the next one. I am going to come up with another pretty giveaway!

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