March 15, 2014

Good evening all. We. Just got back to the Best Western. Checked I about five but headed right back out. Oh what a day of finding beautiful things, and one more day to go…..I am not finished yet. Shabby Joe took me to dinner we love a place called Casa Verde. I had shrimp marinara, the helpings are huge. There were 14 of the biggest shrimp I have ever seen. I could not finish. I had a clam appetizer. Shabby Joe had sausage and peppers and soup. We rolled out of there. My Dave would love it.

Next stop Hobby Lobby. OMG……I have never seen anything like this store. I had to leave because the store closed at 8 p.m. I walked up and down the in awe. The only problem was that it is so expensive. Three or four times the price of things in other stores. Everything was 40-50 percent off and it was still more than I could spend to sell. The store is closed on Sunday. It is an experience just Togo and check out all the beautiful things. I did get some beautiful drawer knobs and pulls at 50 percent off. I will go back because I just loved it. It is just up the street from our Hotel. Tired out now but oh so very happy. Shabby Joe has to re arrange the truck again in the morning to make room for more. It is funny when we go on these little hunts I usually find a lot of one thing….this trip it is vintage hats, gloves, pedestal cake plates, and glass chickens…oh yes lots of milk glass. Stay tuned. Still no pictures…..I am not allowed to cart my stuff up to the 4th floor…..orders from headquarters.

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